Exciting News from 2019 SPEC Summit

The 2019 SPEC Summit was successfully held in UCSD on Oct. 4th. The Dean of Jacobs School, Dr Albert P. Pisano gave his welcome address and shared the exciting progress on the new upcoming Franklin Antonio Hall Building. Prof Y. Shirley Meng, as the founding director of SPEC, announced the handover of the director position to Prof Ping Liu in 2020. We are grateful to all 90 attendees from the industry and faculty members for joining the event as well as the new relationships made. Two startups, UNIGRID Battery by Darren H.S. Tan on all solid-state batteries and Tyfast by Dr Haodong Liu on battery fast charging were launched at the summit. Chengcheng Fang, Matthew Gonzella and Darren H.S. Tan won the best elevator pitch presenter awards.